A professional window cleaning organisation structured specifically to meet the demands of the high street. Insight is one of a kind......

Traditional Window Cleaning

Since the early 1900’s window cleaners have plied their trade using squeegees and applicators, more commonly known as a mop and blade.

Sign and Fascia Cleaning

Over time we have received more and more requests to add additional services to our established window cleaning.

Pole-Fed Window Cleaning

The method of cleaning windows via waterfed pole came in to practice in the late 1980’s as a result of the growing concerns around the use of ladders.

Shop Front Perception Cleaning

A relatively new service, shop front perception cleans have been added to our list of available services at the request of our clients.

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Insight is a professional window cleaning company structured specifically to meet the demands of the retail sector. With a national coverage of fully employed staff we have the ability to offer extremely cost efficient services through economies of scale.

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Providing quality services safely

We believe Insight is a unique organisation due to the fact that we are the only company in the UK dedicated to providing window cleaning services specifically, and singularly, to the retail sector.

Our operation has been refined over the years to become fluent in all aspects of multi site delivery with a national coverage of fully employed staff

We have established, trusted systems in place which benefit both our client base and our workforce. Fully self delivered, our window cleaning operatives are rewarded for their reliability and approval rate with the support of our bespoke time and attendance software.
This same software has proved invaluable to our clients with an advanced technological system providing a wealth of information in relation to attendance, standards and billing.

We currently service 120 of the 122 postal zones within the UK, from Inverness to Penzance, and everything in between!

Our client base is varied but occupies prominent space amongst most high streets. References and Case Studies can be supplied upon request and we are always happy to showcase our unique service, on a trial basis, to any prospective client before a solid commitment needs to be made.

Please get in touch to find out how we can benefit you…

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