Traditional Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Using Traditional Methods

Since the early 1900’s window cleaners have plied their trade using squeegees and applicators, more commonly known as a mop and blade.

We are proud of our commitment to this method of cleaning and firmly believe it offers the most efficient finish to standard shop front glazing.

With the ability to reach heights of up to 20ft using an extension pole and these traditional tools, there are few high street premises that cannot be accessed.

Application of water is with a soapy sponge like sleeve, and removal is with a handheld aluminium channel encompassing a rubber blade.

Take a look at one of our team in action using this method...

The benefits of using traditional tools are:

Internal glazing can be cleaned professionally

  • There is minimal setting up time therefore driving costs down
  • No ‘pure water’ is needed so service is continuous
  • Smear free, transparent finish

Insight are responsible for cleaning the shop glazing of more than 3500 individual sites, all on a weekly basis, using this tried and trusted method.

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