Reach and Wash

Window cleaning using Waterfed Pole

The method of cleaning windows via waterfed pole came in to practice in the late 1980’s as a result of the growing concerns around the use of ladders.

Designed specifically to reduce the health and safety risks surrounding working at height, WFP is perfect for those awkward, hard to reach areas of a shops glazing and surrounding shop front.

The water used must be ‘pure’, therefore it is deionised using a filtration system before being drawn from a tank via a pump and applied to the glazing. Application is with a soft brush which irritates the dirt on the glass. The negative neutrons in the water instantly attract to the positive neutrons in the dirt and form a bond, thus removing themselves from the glass!

Initial cleans using WFP can result in streaks which is often due to excess dirt building up around the window frames running down on to the glass after its clean.

We would recommend two or possibly three cleans before you can see the maximum benefit of this system.

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